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Great 3 D Graphic Quality For Snooker Game

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mardya wandry By mardya wandry on
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I've never played a snooker game before, but my brother just bought 3D Live Snooker game last week and immediately ask me to play with him. At the first time, I was a bit confused to play it, and then I try to read the instructions. The tutorial is a little confusing because the instructions are too complex and use the small font, so I had to read it repeatedly. 3D Live snooker basically consists of three games types, short play, full play and network play snooker. When I play the single mode and select a short play, the NPC (Non Playing Character) or the computer opponent has a good and smart response, it plays like a professional opponent, and I still have to learn to beat it. This game has five levels of difficulty, but I just can go up to third levels, while the two levels above is very difficult and the opponent play professional, it can spin and hit the ball above the ability of a normal player, and it’s almost impossible for me to do that. This makes me challenged to beat the top-level of difficulty.

This game presents a different experience when I play against my brother. I feel playing billiards on the table. This is because the 3D graphic quality of this game, the gameplay and sound quality produced. 3D Live Snooker uses the 3D graphics engine that almost perfect, and I really enjoyed, the ball movement in this game is like the real one and all aspects of this game run smoothly. The game supported by good sound effects, I could feel like playing a real game, such as, the sound of the ball after being hit, the ball went in and also the sound between bounce balls. In order to get greatest quality gaming experience, 3D Live Snooker provides customized options for managing some aspect based on your computer specification, such as screen resolution, sound quality, graphics quality, filtering options, hints, and speed of the ball.

Although the graphics quality of this game is very good, but you do not need to use a high specification computer, you can play it using a Pentium 4 computer and the old graphics card, such as VGA 64MB. The game only requires small harddisk space, and you can install it easily and quickly. I did not find a bug or crash during installation so well when I play it in a long time.

However, if there are advantages, then there are also some minor problems. As I wrote above, this game has lacked in the game help menu or the instructions for new players. Actually, there is tutorial but it only uses a small font size in the left corner of the computer screen so that make me difficult to understand in the first time. Besides the camera movement after I shot the ball becomes a bit slow, this is different before I shot a ball. This game does not support background music, this makes me quite bored, and it felt too serious to play in a long time, but if there is cool background music then I will surely more enjoy playing this game. 3D Live Snooker games price is quite expensive, in my opinion, with a simple gameplay system, this game should be cheaper than $29.

Overall, this game is perfect for leisure, and also can make you addicted and curious to defeat the top-level opponent. The gameplay is very simple and classic, so it is suitable to played in short time.