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Great Baby Wash

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I like taking baths. I really, really like a nice warm bath. I was thinking about my granddaughter's bath wash and wondering if I should try it too. It smells nice and she seems to be relaxed after getting her bath. So I started to look at Krogers when I did my regular weekly grocery shopping. I looked at the popular brand of baby wash and took off the top to smell it. I didn't really smell any particular fragrance. So I picked up the brand called Comforts~For Baby. The fragrance I smelled was awesome! It smells very much like baby powder, which is by the way is one of my favorite fragrances. So I picked it up and dropped it in my shopping cart.

It was less expensive than the brand name baby wash and honestly it does a better job of lathering. I use a poof net and with just a little bit of the Night-Time Baby Bath I was covered with lather. It leaves your skin very soft and full of moisture. It says it helps calm fussy babies.........well I guess that helps a crabby adult too! I find that after I use the baby bath wash I am very relaxed and ready for a good night's sleep.

It's pediatrician tested (guess they like taking baths too) and hypoallergenic. I think this is a fantastic product and I will be using it for my nighttime warm baths. I notice that the directions say to add to the bath water by the capful. I prefer to use it on my poof net. Either way......it will make you say......ahhhhhhh.