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Great, Cheap Little Mp3 Player

Reviewing: Centon 256 Mp3 001 (256 Mb) Mp3 Player  |  Rating:
compeek By compeek on
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I got the Centon MP3 Player a couple of years ago. I had not owned an MP3 player before that, and so I was fairly pleased with this one.

The size is perfect. It’s not too big so that it gets in the way, but it’s also not so small that you forget it’s with you. The design is nice, but not overly flashy or anything. Who says an MP3 player needs to look really good anyway? If it plays your music, that’s really what counts.

The menus and display are easy enough to understand. It has a simple black-text LCD screen that measures about .5 x 1 inches, but all of the necessary info is still displayed. There is a blue backlight, making it easy to read even in the dark. When a song is playing, the track name and artist scroll across the screen. The song length and time elapsed are there too.

Playing options include various types of repeat (song, folder, etc.) and an equalizer. There are presets such as Rock, Jazz, Pop, etc. The volume control works well, and it has a wide range of volume.

The audio quality should satisfy you if you aren’t really picky about crystal clear sound and stuff. Personally, I can’t usually tell the difference between a cheap MP3 player’s sound and an expensive one’s sound. It’s usually the headphones that make the difference. The included ones aren’t the best, but they should work fine.

Adding songs to it couldn’t be easier. You can just drag and drop them onto it like you would a flash drive. You can use Windows Media Player or other music programs to sync it if you would like also. MP3, WMA, and Wave formats are supported, so there’s no hassle getting your music ready to listen to on it.

There is also an FM radio tuner with a scan feature. The reception isn’t very good, but it’s suitable for listening.

The player is powered by a single AAA. Using a rechargeable NiMH battery (not included), you can get quite a few hours of constant playback. However, I would still bring some extra batteries along for a trip.

If you need a cheap, decent MP3 player, this might be a choice.