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Great Diabetes Magazine

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I really hate how pricey this magazine is at $8.00 I could buy a book! But because I don't buy it monthly, if I am correct I believe it is published 4 times a year in the spring, summer, fall and winter I don't mind too much. And I also don't mind too much because I really love the content in this magazine. I read alot of health and nutrition magazines, I am a type 1 diabetic, and I am also studying to become a dietitian/certified diabetes eductor, so I try to get my hands on as many books and magazines, anything related to the disease.

Diabetic Living magazine so far is one of the best magazines I have come across in relation to diabetes. The reason being that EVERYTHING in the magazine including the ads are all about diabetes! I love that! I have discovered so many new products and diabetes supplies, even sugar free and other healthy foods for diabetics. Most magazines only cover 50% of the disease and the rest is about beauty or other non related issues and topics, but this magazine covers 100% everything diabetes!

There are articles to inspire from other diabetics sharing their stories. One of my favorites is from a woman in her 90s talking about when she was a young woman newly diagnosed she had to inject herself with insulin with a reusable glass syringe that had to be boiled after every use to sterilize!

Some past articles in the magazine: gingivitis and oral care, best foot care products and shoes, weight loss drugs for diabetics, different prescription and over the counter medications and vitamins and the effects on diabetes, stem cell research, insulin pumps, different types of insulin and what they do, different meters for testing blood sugar, recipes, diabetes and depression and so much more.

I really enjoy this magazine and love the fact that it is all about diabetes! I love that every ad in the magazine is related to diabetes! This would be an excellent magazine for anyone newly diagnosed, you will find so much info in this magazine about the different supplies and medications, and types of foods to eat, even just looking at the ads will provide you with so much information. I have discovered alot of foods I normally probably wouldn't have known about if not for the ads in this magazine that are sugar free or good for diabetes!

The magazine is an American publication, and I do have a bit of a difficult time finding it, so far I have only been able to find it in Shoppers Drug Mart or Safeway, this is in Canada, as for other countries other than the US and CAN, I don't know about the availability, but you can check out their website wwwdiabeticlivingonline.com