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Great Easy To Use Point And Shoot

Reviewing: Nikon Coolpix S210  |  Rating:
By kevin rutan on
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I purchased this camera for my girlfriend on Valentine's Day. My main concern with the camera was ease of use. My girlfriend is not technologically savvy (although after living with me she has learned alot). I was looking to spend $100-$150 on a camera, which put a basic Sony, Cannon, Nikon, and Casio in my hand. The Nikon won hands down.Since this is a gift, style is important. The Nikon D610 comes in a range of colors; I picked 'plum' (a metallic purple). The camera is about the size of a credit card and half an inch thick. When you turn the device on; you are greeted with a pleasant ring and welcome screen. The front of the unit has the usual zoom lens and the flash, nothing on the sides (except strap holder) and on the top, the power button and shutter button (all normal stuff). The back of the camera has a large enough screen (2.5") and only 6 buttons, (well... 11-- 4 are on a d-pad, and the zoom is a rocker switch). Unlike all other cameras in this price range, it has a very simple to understand interface.

There are many features with this simple camera. It has a 3x optical zoom, movie recording ability, ISO 2000 compliance, red eye reduction, 'VR' camera stabilization, and face recognition. Also, there are plenty of intuitive menus to adjust your white balance, ISO compliance and all sorts of other controls but don't let that worry you. Setting everything to auto (which is the default) will give you a great shot with little experience.

When you take the box home and open it you can see they wasted very little space. There is a lithium ion battery, charger, camera, USB cable, component out cable, camera strap, instruction manual, and installation CD. Putting the camera together was easy; open the bottom panel and insert the battery and the SD memory card (purchased separately).

The picture quality is good, but it has a drawback. I found that it picks up on dust in the air much more than other cameras I have used in the past. It is not the specks of dust that are the problem it is when the camera flash causes a white orb to appear in the photo. Aside from that, the auto focus/face recognition works well. The camera frames in its point of interest focus on it and shoot.

Using the camera is simple... point, hold down the button half way and wait for it to focus, press it down all the way and CLICK. Beautiful shot! unfortunately, just like any point and shoot, there is a lag between shots, but it is minimal (around 3 seconds)

The camera supports direct print, direct to TV, and a standard computer connection. The camera's printing interface is simple, yet effective. Simply pick the photos you want to print, the size of the paper, and click print. Boom, you have your pictures readily available without even turning on a computer. The TV Connection connects to the same place as the USB connection, it gives you 480P resolution and mono sound though a composite cable. From the camera, you can watch movies you made, or just a slideshow of pictures you have taken.

The 8.1 megapixel image looks great even on 13X19 prints. There is no pixelization, which is a problem with lower end cameras. The interface software is decent. It comes with a utility to download and categorize pictures and a simple image editor. You do not need to install the software it is natively supported in windows, but you do get a few more features out of the image editor.

Overall for the $109 price tag, I would say that it is well worth the investment. My girlfriend loves how easy it is to take pictures and get prints; I don't even have to be there. If I were to buy a camera for myself, I would probably go with something with a manual focus lens and more buttons but for your basic easy to use point and shoot, this is the best.