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Great Electric Shaver

Reviewing: Phillips Norelco 7180 Xl  |  Rating:
By nate on
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I have tried in my life, many, different electric shavers. I tried lots of $20-$30 ones because I did not want to spend much to find out if they worked good or not. Well I can tell you from these many attempts that if your spending $20-$30 for a shaver you will not find one that works well. About eight months ago I started shaving my head, like Mr. Clean shaved, not fuzzy with the clippers shaved. At first I was using a regular three blade razor but that got old within about two days and it too a very long time. So I went shopping, remembering my past experience I figured I would go for a higher priced model this time (I mean it was Wal-Mart, them folk will take back dirty diapers so what did I have to loose!!)

I decided on the Phillips Norelco 7180Xl, for a couple of reasons, one because it looked cool. Ok more serious reasons, it is water proof, has long battery life with short charge time. The shaver also uses a common, readily available replacement blade set. It also has a trimmer on the back as most of the thriple heads do now a days.

I went and charged up my new shaver for the time specified in the instructions and then let it loose on my head. About five mins later I was back in Mr. Clean country again. Keep in mind now that my head only had about a two day shadow, but my two day shadows are pretty impressive. I have been using the shaver ever since and love it. I have found a few easy steps to make the experience even better as well.

When using this shaver, espically for my head (lots of hair), I find that I have to open the shaver head up to dump the clippings about three or four times each shave. This is as complicated as pressing a button while holding the shaver over a trash can and tapping the shaver to remove the built up clippings. This will make the experience better as the shaver cuts much better when there is no build up of clippings inside. Also after a short time I though my head had quickly eaten the blades up and purchased new ones ($30!!) After putting the news ones in I inspected the old blades to find hair clippings caked around the blades. Simple put, turn the razor on and stick the head under running water, this removes said build up and will make a dull feeling blade feel brand new again. Needless to say I wasted the $30 but I have a spare set now.

I have also used the shaver on my face as well and have been pleased with the results. I doubt I will ever be requiring anything else to cover my shaving needs as long as she doesn't die on me. The initial investment has more than paid for itself in the 8 months of ownership just in costs saved in buying mach 3 blade heads. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!!