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Great Expansion Game From Warhammer Series

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Dawn of war of Dark Crusade is the next series of Warhammer Dawn of War. When i first buy the first game, Warhammer Dawn of War it's about 4 years ago. This game made me addictive to play more and even more. What i like from this strategy game are, this is a new genre and new style in world strategy game. The Developer try to serve new style such as, grouping armies that attached with one leader, and the basic battle style. This battle style become the high value in this game, every army and race have their own style in battling to defeat their enemies, it make the game more interesting when we as a players can watch the battle in zoom mode.

Now, with more development, Warhammer Dark Crusade has been released. So, i buy this one, after i played this game, all i can say is "Amazing" The Developer has success to release the great game. This is an expansion game, but in my opinion, it's look like a single game which, include the single player mode along with multiplayer maps and new playable races. Dark Crusade unlike other Strategy games, this game doesn't require insane amounts of micromanagement. There are strategic areas scattered around each map that must be captured to gain requisition points.This requisition points used to fund the new addition to your army. Battle against a good opponent are a constant tug of war battle of attack and defense to take and hold the various strategic points. Other differences is that player command squads instead of individual units. Usually squad have four units when first created then players can have the unit reinforce with additional units, better weapons, and leader. This make game much easier to manage than trying to corral a whole of individual warriors.

This game better than the previous expansion Winter assault. Dark Crusade have two great new factions to the Dawn of War series. The Tau Empire, is an alien race that uses battle suits and The Necron is undead cyborg that look similar to Terminator robots. This game also provide players with new multiplayer maps and new single player mode.

Now, in single player mode developer made new mode in playing. it's a turn based strategy game with each individual battle determining the fate of region on the world map. Player will be able to lead on the seven factions into battle.Each faction has a unique hero character that represents your army. Each turn player can make a strategy and reinforce areas, allowing player to start a fight with troops already on the ground, attack regions that other races control. If player win the battle, the hero can be upgrade, making him an incredible force towards the game. I think, it's a great combination between role playing game (RPG) elements and turn based strategy game.

For the gameplay this game has well combination, and make the most intutive strategy game in the world, The graphics is not change too much, but it's still a great graphic with light effect and nice shaders in the game background. For difficulty level, this game include to a medium/hard level, it's depends to level that players set. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) have a nice level difficulties and skillful which make the game more interesting. So, Overall this is a great expansion game, with a unique combination mode, and a great taste of single or online play