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Great Helmet To Protect From Unexpected Accidents

Reviewing: Afx Fx 86 Y Youth Helmet (Silver)  |  Rating:
By akhil on
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Wearing a good helmet while riding a motorbike is very important as it protects the head if any unexpected thing happens. We have an ATV which I take pleasure in riding but not without a helmet of course. I bought AFX FX-86Y Youth Helmet after trying a couple of helmets of mediocre quality. Their design is of very supreme quality unlike many other helmets from other brands. They are very stylish in design and is a pleasure to wear them every time I go for a ride. The best thing about them is that they come in different sizes and they fit so well around the head that we don't feel the usual Tuck-Tuck movement of helmet on head. It is a good protector for my head whenever I go for a ride. It is made of very high quality material and so it is very strong and does the work it is supposed to do perfectly. It is been about a year since I started using it and is as good as it was on the first day of it's use.

Update On May 14, 2008: I still remember the day on which I bought this helmet. I went to the store along with one of my college mates. It was a year ago and he also wanted to buy one helmet and so we went together. He bought a helmet of some other brand while I bought this. Last weekend when he came to motor sport, I had to ask him whether the helmet he was wearing was the same one he bought on that day. It is out of shape and is giving the impression that it is not the same one. It lost it's color, texture and the straps were hanging loose and there are a couple of cracks on it. I was very happy to see mine which is as good as it was on the day I bought it barring of course a few scratches which are bound to occur. It's face shield fits very well.