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Great Idea, But...

Reviewing: Forget.Sorry! Magnetic Spice Holder  |  Rating:
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I had put this spice holder on our registry list when we got married. I loved that it could be stuck to the fridge instead of taking up cupboard space, and liked the idea of having all my frequently used spices within arm's reach while I was cooking.

This rack is designed with a large magnetic strip on the back, as well as pre-drilled holes for screws, so it can be stuck to something metal, or screwed to the wall. On the back of each spice pot is a smaller magnet that sticks to the metal frame, allowing you to grab and replace them effortlessly. Each pot has a clear window so you can see what is inside.

I loved this spice rack for about a month, but then I started having problems with it.

First, the idea of having it on the fridge door sounds good in theory, but doesn't work out so well in practice. In a high-traffic area, the spic pots kept getting bumped and knocked off. The magnets were simply not that strong. Also, after a couple falls, the pots started looking really dinged and banged up.

And second, I discovered that not all spices are compatable with this holder. Anything really dry and light was fine, like parsley. However, denser spices like chili powder started to dry out and get clumpy, I guess because the pots are not very air-tight. Very "moist" spices, such as salt-based seasonings, were the worst. They actually caused the edges of the little canisters to rust!

Needless to say, I now have a turn-table spice rack that sits on my counter.

So why the three rating? Why not give it a one or a two? I'm glad you asked. =)

Even though these didn't work out in the kitchen, there are other ways they can be used. Screwed on the wall in the craft room, they make great organizers for buttons and notions. Also, if work with children and buy glitter in bulk, these would make good dispensers. I haven't tried this personally, but I think they could also be handy in a work shop for sorting different sized screws, nuts, and bolts.

Overall, I think this spice canister set is a great idea, but it needs some work. In the mean time, there's no reason why a person can't bend the rules and put it to good use elsewhere.