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Great Magazine For Men And Women!

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This health magazine is on of the best, now dont be fooled by people saying its a men magazine. The company also produces a muscle and fitness for her magazine. Now what runs through most people's head is I dont want to be freak huge. Well that the good things in each magazine has two different was to do each exercise so if you dont want to get freak size you can still use this magazine. It gives you a whole nutrietion plan. What days you should do the exercise what vitamens to take, what time, how much, and vaious other things.

The whole thing is 29.99 for 12 issues and they always have a free gift to go with it usaully a book or they give you a choice what your gift will be. Each issue has workout charts, nutrition charts, vitamen charts that can all be pulled out and put on the fridge. issues even come with a chart to keep track of your weight limit, what time, and what day you workout. With the workout calender and all the other things they put into each issue it takes most of the guess work out of exercise. Keep in mind that each issue comes with different things the best thing is the magazine doesnt tell you, that this is bad for you or you shouldnt eat this its all about moderation. It even has different recipes for meals and smoothies that actually taste good believe me I've tried them. Like a bannana, strawberry, and kiwi smoothie, the meals in it usually have either chicken or fish and sometimes with pork and beef. On certain days they ecourage red meat.

Now you still cometimes miss you favorite foods like normal pizza or good ice-cream instead of fat-free so what I do is once a week always sunday. I eat what ever I want (in moderation) and I'm good for the week. Great for anyone that is looking to put a little exercise in thier life.