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Great Martha Stewart Collandar For 2.99!

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I found a little gem of a collandar at K-Mart in the Martha Stewart "Everyday Collection, " so when my daughter, who is away at college, grew loathsome of campus cafeteria food and wanted to do some cooking for herself and her friends, I knew she would need a collandar for all the oodles of noodles they would surely consume.

Since I was already at Target, I thought I could find a similar collandar to the one I purchased at K-mart. NOT! The collandars at Target were either the kind of cheap hard plastic that cracks and breaks, or metal that I didn't want, or that rubbery stuff that gives me the heebie jeebies, or the thicker plastic collander that was nice and pricey, but a bit large for dorm-life.

It looks like I will have to return to K-mart to purchase another Martha Stewart Everyday Collandar. But what's so special about it, you might wonder?

1. First, this collandar is only 2.99! It is light weight, not heavy clanging metal. It is somewhat compact at about 9.5" in diameter. It will be easy for me to ship this collandar to my daughter, and easy for her to pack up when she returns home this summer.

2. This collander is also is made of the thick, firm, but seemingly unbreakable plastic. It is not made of the kind of hard plastic material, where, if it found itself in a hallway between a wall and a surfing mattress (or whatever the heck those kids do at college), it would crack.

3. Next, this collandar is made in the USA, not China. Call me paranoid, but if some companies in China are putting lead in our children's toys, why wouldn't they do the same to our cookware? Sure, it is difficult for me to find items made in the USA, and I don't always get lucky, but I do like to try.

A collandar may seem like an insignificant little item, but if you love to cook, you will know why I can be pretty particular about the untensils I use. I'm sure you are too.

I do recommend the Martha Stewart Everyday collandar for all your straining and draining pasta needs.