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Great Mucolytic

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poshpost By poshpost on
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The first time my baby got sick, she got colds. But two days later, it progressed into cough. My baby seemed to have dry cough. We could hear the phlegm on her back when she breathe and coughed but could not let it out. Previously, when we went to the doctor, she gave us a bottle of Mucovis 15 ml. It is Ambroxol HCl with 6mg concentration per 1 ml of syrup.

We gave it to our daughter based on the dosage instructions on the label. True enough, after a couple of hours when she first took Mucovis, she threw up so much phlegm. After three doses, we went to the doctor and when the pediatrician checked her, she could no longer hear the mucus in my baby's lungs so she told us to already discontinue Mucovis and gave us something for allergy instead.

Wow that was fast! Only three doses and my baby's phlegm was gone. This is a very effective mucolytic. And it tastes good, too, because it is grape flavored. None of the yucky medicine taste. I also like its medicine dropper because it works very well. It is what I use now with other medicines and vitamins because of its suction power.

Too bad I don't know about the price because this was given to us, and this was not physician's sample.

Its only side effect, which was actually good, was not my baby got drowsy and slept most of the time. This was good for me, so no complaints.

I highly recommend this product.