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Great Pain Reliever Advil

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I was in church one Sunday and really needed a pain reliever, but of course I forgot to take something before I left home. My friend offered my 2 Advil tablets and shortly afterwards, I totally forgot about the pain and realized it was gone.

My husband went and purchased some of these to keep in our medicine cabinet and I sometimes take these instead of Acetaminophen (or Tylenol).

During this time of year, I suffer from headaches brought on by allergies and some days it's hard to even open my eyes. I don't think I have ever had a migraine but then again, I've been told I have a high pain tolerance, so maybe these headaches are more severe than normal?

I take 2 Advil and my headache will be gone within the hour. Today, I woke up with pain going between my left ear canal and throat. I know it was from snoring through the night from my allergies blocking my breathing. This pain was pretty bad and was more of a throbbing sharp pain, instead of an ache. I was on the verge of an earache, which I could do without. Now that I started to write this review, I have realized the pain is no longer there! I am quite happy because I was ready to go lay back down. It has honestly only been about 30 minutes since I took the Advil! No more pain.

Extra Strength Excedrin was always my pain reliever of choice, but sometimes I prefer to not take it, due to the additional caffeine in the Excedrin.

I am thankful that Advil was in my medicine cabinet and so glad it got rid of that pain. I will be using this more for body aches and pains for sure. However, I do prefer to NOT take anything because I don't want my body to become dependant on it or have these pain relievers no longer work. So always take the lower dose.

This bottle contains:

150 coated tablets

Take 1-2 tablets every 4-6 hours while pain continues (do not take more than 6 tablets within 24 hours). Do not take more than 10 straight days.

Each tablet contains 200mg of Ibuprofen

Tablets are a pain reliever and a fever reducer

There are several versions of Advil on the counters and they also vary according to where you buy them. Always consult your Doctor if your pain persists and if you are not sure about taking Ibuprofen.