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Great Project For Kids!

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This is an awesome concept and a great project if you have kids in the house ( I don't, but qualify as a big kid at heart). Garden in a bag is so easy to use, they give you all the necessary parts and pieces and you grow the plant right in the bag it comes in! No need to look for the potting soil or find an empty container- just grab it and start growing!

I included images of the bag contents because some of these things only look easy until you get them home. The instructions are printed right on the bag so you don't have an instruction sheet to keep floating around, which I really love. Simple little graphics on the back walk you through the 5 steps to setting up your little garden, making it a great gift for children or chefs that don't really consider themselves to have a "green thumb".

1. open bag, soil pouch and seed pouch (see, I told you it was easy!)

2. fill bag three quarters with soil

3. spread seeds evenly

4. add rest of soil and lightly water.

5. cover top of bag with a plastic sandwich bag and set in a warm area. Water when dry.

A sweet 5 easy steps to fresh garlic chives!

Currently, we have our little garden in a bag on the front window and I can't wait to update this post with our progress!


Update On Jan 01, 2009: After 2 weeks, we already have chives sprouting! This is a great project for those with little patients for gardens or kids that will check every day for new growth!