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Great Quality Pencils...Ticonderoga

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donnabc By donnabc on
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I never thought that I'd actually write a review on a PENCIL. But I have to say, this one deserves it.

My son was in 3rd grade this year. As with most children at that age, he had to have the cool pencils, you know, with junk on them. So, that is what I bought for him. Again, and again, and again!

The notes kept coming home thoughout the year. Please make sure your child has at least two #2 pencils at least 3 inches long in his / her desk at all times. Apparently it was a real problem, god bless his teachers heart.

For school parties, I made sure that I bought pencils as one of the party gifts and gave the teacher all the extra to keep in her desk for when someone came up short. But then notes continued :0(

Finally, last week, I was talking to his teacher (as I do just about every day) and she told me that she was sending home a list of school supplies for next year so that we could get the items when they went on sale (thank you lord...and Ms. Griffin). She commented that she put on there that Ticonderoga pencils work well.

Of course, I have to know all the details...so I asked. Ms. Griffin proceeded to open her desk drawer and showed me not one but 2 unsharpened pencils and then one in her pencil jar about 1/2 used. She told me that at the begining of the school year she bought a pack of 12 pencils and they have lasted her the WHOLE year!

Well, now that would never happen with my kid, he would loose at least one a week. But then we started talking about the pencils that most of the kids used and how they would sharpen them and sharpen them and the points would break off or they would dull quickly. She told me that even if they did get the cheapo pretty pencils to sharpen, the tip often broke off. It was apparently not uncommon for them to use an entire pencil like this in a day or two!

So, don't take my word for it, take it from an experienced 3rd grade teacher! Next year buy Ticonderoga pencils and save yourself the money and aggrevation of the poor quality pencils! From now on, it's Ticonderoga for my kids...just hope they put them on sale :0)