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Great Size

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I was in the store the other day, walking around aimlessly and found myself in the stationery aisle. When I saw this I knew I had to buy it. The pattern jumped out at me from the rack and outshone all the other pads. This one is just gorgeous. I love the black background which won't show the errant pen marks that perpetually plague the covers of many of my notebooks. I also love the huge, vibrant blooms splashed across the cover. The white dots in the center of the flowers are raised. You can feel them when you rub your finger across them. A white butterfly floats above the array of posies. I just noticed that the blossoms are stemless which I find odd. Since they don't have stems and look as if they are floating too, the image looks somewhat surrealistic. The back cover isn't as involved. It's striped with a rainbow motif with black and white thrown in. In the center, at the top, is a butterfly in a circle with the design information (Listed below). I like the back because it's bright and pop-y and goes well with the front; it isn't plain.

This has 80 pages in it and is 7" x 5". It is bound with a black spiral wire. Mind you, I got this very recently, and one of the spirals is already bent up. I was able to re-straighten it with my fingernail, but the spiral doesn't seem that strong and stable to me. I didn't carry this with me anywhere except home in a shopping bag. In other words, it wasn't cramped in some bag with tons of books where the spiral could be damaged. I noticed at the store, one of these had a folded corner on its front cover. I didn't buy that one, but I thought to myself that the cover must be more delicate than it seems for it to get damaged like that. Each page in the book is micro-perforated for easy removal. I didn't find this to be a smooth process. When I tried to rip out a page, instead of ripping straight down to the bottom, it kept ripping to the side. At the start of the book, there is page with a folder on it where I can cram coupons and what have you. I found the price of this to be very affordable when considering how beautiful it is. I could see this going for as much as $5.50.

For more information on the company that makes these fun notebooks, see here: link. The design was made by Jacqueline Savage McFee and is called "In Full Bloom."