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Great Wall China's Pride

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The Great Wall of China, which is located in northern China, from Shanhaiguan East, west to Jiayuguan, about 6700 kilometers wide, known as the Great Wall. It the Great Wall in December 1987 under the "World Heritage List." The Great Wall is the history of human civilization's greatest works, it was built more than 2000 years ago in the Spring and Autumn Period, the Qin Dynasty after the unification of China into the Great Wall. Han, Ming Dynasty and has a large-scale construction. His voluminous works, the momentum of the magnificent, miracle of the world. The passage of time, now when you board the former site of the Great Wall, not only to see the mountains and peaks surround in the Great Wall of majestic appearance, but also a taste of the Chinese nation's great wisdom and courage to make history. .

The construction of the Great Wall to maintain the more than two thousand years, according to records from the Chu construction of the seventh century BC "party city" until the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 years) a total of more than 20 nobles and feudal dynasty had built the Great Wall, which Qin, Han, Ming dynasty Great Wall in the length of three of more than 1000 kilometers 5. If the construction of the Great Wall all the times added together, the total length of more than 50, 000 kilometers; if the masonry wall was built by the Turkish side to work together to build 1 m thick, 5-meter-high wall, this wall can be more than a week around the earth.

Great Wall of China is the world's longest building, engineering, the largest cold war era weapons of national military defense works embody the blood and sweat of our ancestors and wisdom, is a symbol and pride of the Chinese nation.

If you are fortunate enough to come to China, then you must go to the Great Wall tour, in the ancient times that in China you can feel the great wisdom of working people and a strong determination.

"Less than the Great Wall of non-hero!" You must not miss!