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Greatest Basketball Videogame To Date

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By markeeze on
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Ok if you know anything about basketball video games, you know 2k. Ever since its release it showed promising features and in recent years they have dominated the gaming industry. NBA 2k9 continues this tradition. First off many people said that while 2k8 had its flaws, there wasn't much they could do to actually improve the game. 2k took on this challenge and won. The first thing you notice is the enhanced presentation. As soon as the game starts it feels like you're already playing. One feature that was removed was a startup video mix as in older 2k games which has been requested for a while. I guess 2k thinks this isn't really an important factor, oh well. The menu is quite simple if you have played previous 2k games, a newbie however will have a hard time finding exactly what they want. Game modes include quick game, season, playoffs, practice, situation, and blacktop. The team choosing interface is quite beautiful, it shows team shirts, and in the background random highlights play against the backdrop. The graphics have been improved also. Players look real, they sweat, the show facial expressions, and the shirts even get heavier as they sweat. Signature styles have also been improved on dramatically. Lebron will stand at the free throw line biting his nails, players will clap in a triumphant fashion and Kobe will look up at the scoreboard and sort of "ROAR". Facial expressions can sometimes look horrible and transform a 23yr old into an 80yr old man. Online capabilities include Living Rosters which periodically updates rosters, stats, and occasionally unlocks new player specific packages. Five on five team up is a new feature which allows ten different players to play in a game. Each player is randomly chosen a player on whatever team is chosen and play as that player throughout the game. Overall NBA 2k9 is a near perfect game, I can't wait to see what they add next.