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Green Ban Insect Repellent

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A few years ago I went to Alaska in June to work on a research project. We were using samplers that are very sensitive and will sample any chemical in the air, including insect repellent. Now June in Alaska is mosquito season, and if you venture into the wilderness without protection you will risk exsanguination.

I found an herbal insect repellent made by Green Ban to take with me on my trip. It contains no DEET and only natural ingredients such as citronella (10%), peppermint, tea tree, and calendula oils. It has a feel similar to an oil but thicker and not as greasy. It is not sticky and goes on clear. It has a very pleasant odor, unlike most mosquito repellents.

Now, I have to say that Green Ban did little to ward off the millions of mosquitoes that tried to bite me. But then again, there were literally millions of them and it is likely that anything would have helped. So, if you are going to the Alaskan wilderness in the summertime, you may want to opt for a DEET-containing repellent.

On the other hand, this has worked well here in the lower 48 states. Because it contains no DEET I feel perfectly safe using it on my children. So, if your needs are normal summertime mosquito-bite control, this is a great product.