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Green Day: 21st Century Breakdown

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KEY TRACKS (in no particular order): "American Eulogy/Mass Hysteria/Modern World, " "21 Guns, " "Viva la Gloria!, " "Peacemaker, " and "East Jesus Nowhere."

"21st Century Breakdown" is the follow-up album after the hit "American Idiot." Overall, this was a good buy. The songs aren't too different than any other Green Day album, though. The album's tracks are divided into "acts, " the first one being "Heroes and Cons." The album starts out with the 50 second "Song of the Century" as an intro to the album. The next song is "21st Century Breakdown, " which has an anthem rock feel to it. Nothing special about this song, but it has a good beat. "Know Your Enemy" is the first single off of the album. "Know Your Enemy" has a very repetitive melody to it, but the overall meaning of the lyrics is strong. My favorite song from this act is "!Viva la Gloria!, " which starts off slow, and then progresses to a hard-rock sound. "Christian's Inferno" and "Last Night on Earth" are my least favorites from the act. Much of "Christian's Inferno" is shouty, and "Last Night on Earth" is a ballad-y song and didn't seem to fit with the rest of the act.

Act Two is called "Charlatans and Saints." The first song, "East Jesus Nowhere, " is one of my all-time favorite songs, with its catchy riffs and melody. The next song is "Peacemaker" which has an oriental feel, and sounds a little offbeat, but sounds very cool. "Last of the American Girls" took me a little while to like. This mid-tempo song leads right into a faster song, "Murder City." I like the effect of having one song lead right into another, much like "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" and "Holiday" did, from American Idiot. "Murder City" was an immediate favorite of mine. "Viva La Gloria? (Little Girl)" seems to be part two of "Viva la Gloria!" and has a really cool guitar intro. "Restless Heart Syndrome" is another ballad. In general, ballads are not my favorite type of song, so this was my least favorite off of Act Two.

Act Three is called "Horseshoes and Handgrenades", which is also the title of the first song of the act. This song was also a little shouty, so not my favorite. "The Static Age" is the next song, and although not my favorite song, has interesting lyrics and fits in with the theme of "21st Century Breakdown." "21 Guns" is the 2nd single off this album, and one of my favorites. Billy Joe's voice in this song is fantastic. "American Eulogy/Mass Hysteria/Modern World" is one of my favorites off the whole album. Very similar to "Jesus of Suburbia" from American Idiot because it has many songs entwined together as one. The last track is "See The Light, " which makes the album have a very definite ending.

Overall, this album is worth buying.