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Green Lantern, A Good Start To A Franchise?

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So last weekend I saw Green Lantern. I went into the movie with the expectation that it was going to be a cheesy movie with a lot of over acting and weak story line. After watching the movie I was impressed. I felt that this was a good start to a Green Lantern franchise. Now let me give you a little of the movie.

Test pilot Hal Jordan is arrogant, full of himself and trying to live up to his father's reputation. As a child Hal thought the world of father until one day, while flying, a tragic accident took his father's life. Raised by a close friend of his fathers, Hal grew up wanting to be like his dad. Now grown, Hal is a test pilot for the Air Force and his exceptional talent to fly is only hampered by his childish attitude and outlook on life. Assigned to test the capabilities of a new prototype plane, Hal pushes past the limits to prove his exceptional flying ability but, in turn, crashes in the process. After being reprimanded for his actions, Hal starts to take stock of his life. Meanwhile in outer space, a spaceship carrying an alien speeds towards earth and crashes on a beach only a few miles away from Hal. The Alien, critically injured from a recent battle, speaks to a ring on his finger and commands "find one that is worthy". Suddenly a green orb shoots off in search of a worthy human. Unaware of the events a few miles away, Hal Jordan, while walking up to his car, is suddenly abducted by the green orb. Hal is then transported to the crash site where he sees the wounded Alien. Curious, Hal walks up to find Abin Sur, a member of the Green Lantern Corp and the assigned protector of Earth. Abin Sur explains that the universe is vast and bigger than Hal knows. Hal is given the ring by Abin Sur and told that the ring chose him. Reluctant to take it, Abin Sur tells Hal the ring never makes a mistake and that it was now up to Hal to protect Earth from an evil threat known as "Parallax". With Abin Sur's last breath he tells Hal he is now a Green Lantern.

I have to say I liked this movie. It wasn't as dark as Batman or good as X-men First Class, but in its own way a very enjoyable movie. Green Lantern is played by Ryan Reynolds, so expect a silly and funny character, unlike Christian Bale as Batman. Although cartoonish at times, the story is interesting and the acting is good. Mark Strong is a good actor, I liked him in Sherlock Holmes, and he does a great job of playing Sinestro. Peter Sarsgaard does an excellent job of playing a misunderstood son of a Senator and evil genius. So if you like a movie that you can mentally check out, get some popcorn and just relax, you'll like Green Lantern. It's worth the extra to see the movie in 3D and will definitely be worth renting. Rated PG13 for some violence and bad language not suitable for kids under 13. Enjoy!