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Green Me Please

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As we are all doing our part to help out the environment, one of the changes that I have made that carries the most punch is purchasing a reusable grocery bag. Now, the reusable bag has been on a trend kick lately and there are even designer ones out there for quite a pretty penny. With all of the options it is hard to choose what would be the best fit for you. I was hesitant to a) spend a lot of money on a bag that I am just going to carry groceries in...I'm not that materalistic, b) just find any old bag that seemed to be made out of thin, flimsy cloth/canvas that could potentially rip, c) a bag that was so itty bitty small that it acted more like a purse.

The bag that I was able to find and have fallen in love with is the Resuable Tote from The Container Store. First off, let me say that this bag is HUGE! I believe you can fit 3 grocery bags worth of food into one of these totes. It may get a bit heavy if you were to stock pile everything into one bag but that's ok...you want to work out your arms too, right? :D The totes are also very stylish and cute. These bags come in many different prints/patterns which makes carrying your groceries fun. My bags have been commented on several times and have been a great conversation starter. The best feature, however, of these totes is that they are made from recycled plastic bottles which makes it "17 times" more durable/stronger than the average plastic bag. I could probably drag this bag across the ground and it will not rip. Also, if something were to spill on the bag then it could easily be cleaned...leaving no stain. So, whether you are using the bags for groceries or any other pupose (trips! gym bag! shopping!) you know you can load that sucker up and be on your way.

With the millions of plasic bags clogging up the environment, it is worth it to pay $10 to carry your groceries in reusable style!