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Green Tea Candy, Anyone?

Reviewing: Baxian Guo Green Tea Menthol Candy  |  Rating:
msculit By msculit on
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I thought my hubby was joking when he offered me green tea - candy style! Not only that it weirded me out, it also taste weird. It's quite small and green but smells rather minty.

The candy was a gift from his friend who came from China. So your guess is good as mine, the candy is from China too. Not exactly the mainland China but in Taiwan. The green tea candies are made of starch, green tea, methol, herbs (not specified) and sugar. I don't know what else is there since the packaging is also written in Chinese except for the ingredients and the manufacturer.

I do not think I will recommend this to my family and friends just in case I come across this product when I visit China. I have nothing against Chinese products. As a matter of fact, I am part Chinese and I do drink their herbal teas and use their "tiger balms" when I don't feel well. It's just that, this particular candy is weird-tasting. I can't exactly describe it but just by looking at it, I am already turned-off.