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Green Tea Lovers Rejoice!

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nekoneko By nekoneko on
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Wow. Just wow.

When I moved to Montana I'd never heard of Green Tea ice cream. I was introduced to a local ice cream shop that everyone I knew enjoyed. One thing they had that initially wierded me out was green tea ice cream. I didn't think it would be that enjoyable, but I tried some from my then-boyfriend's bowl and instantly fell in love.

Two years later my now-husband and I go out to that shop to enjoy a treat on the occasion. We both usually get green tea ice cream and have not been able to find it elsewhere. The closest I've gotten is finding recipes on Google that I can make for myself (if I had an ice cream maker, that is). That's been fine with me until lately.

With no way to share this small joy with friends and family outside of the state, I've been at a loss for a way to convince them that it's actually quite tasty.

Last night I took a glance at the ice cream aisle while my sweet tooth was trying to take over. Initially the struggle was pretty one sided and I was almost able to turn and catch up to my husband and son (who were all the way down by the real tea aisle by now) but the words caught my attention. Green Tea. I stopped and looked and saw a couple other flavors that were decidedly not green, nor were they tea, so I chalked it up to wishful thinking and turned to leave. Then I saw it again, one little row and those two words.

Two other words caught my attention, too: LIMITED EDITION. Meaning it's not going to be around forever. Eagerly, I snatched it up.

The ice cream itself is very smooth and the flavor is mellow. It's apparent that high-quality matcha (powdered green tea) was used in the product. Green Tea lovers will be glad of the fact that it's not too sweet, but not too bland, either. It's almost exactly the same as the kind I get at the local shop.

My husband loves it, and I'm tempted to stock up for the time when it's discontinued in stores. Then I remember I can get it here for about the same price and they're just as good as the other.

Update On Apr 25, 2008: Häagen-Dazs is one of those companies that always does something that surprises me (in a good way). I sent an email to them about how they should consider making their green tea ice cream a permanant product in their store and I got a reply back thanking me for my input (generic letter, of course) plus two 50¢ off coupons and a list of all of their flavors listing things like what was gluten free, a nut allergen, and if it came in quarts. Apparently the Green Tea is available Jan-Aug so I have a long time to enjoy theirs (and probably even compare it with the local stuff!)