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Greendot.Com Debit Cards

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By ncguy on
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This probably is the most incompetent debit card company there is. Either their computers were manufactured during the medieval times, or they on purpose want to keep your money against your will, and make more profit at your expense and incovenience. I have found out twice already, that their system will charge your card up to three times for the same purchase. Then, when you contact them, nobody can explain or help you. All they have to say is that the funds will be back to your account in two weeks aprox. and that they cannot do anything about it. That the merchant has to send them a fax to let them know, then it will take a few days for them to review it.

Imagine that you are outside of the country! and your money is being held just because they decided to do so... what do you do then? you cannot eat, pay your hotel, or go anywhere because you cannot count with your money. Well, that's the way they deal with it: two weeks to return your money for a problem that happened at their end, it is their fault!!! They will make sure they can use your money instead, by not releasing your hard earned money, that belong to you. In my book it is called stealing, this is a very dishonest company that should be investigated by gov. regulators. I am closing my account, and will make every effort to spread the word so that people do not make the mistake of using their dis-service.

If you want to have a third party telling you, at their will, when you can use your money, this is the right place. They are not good at anything else.