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By lynnemg on
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Earlier this year, I was standing in my back yard. I looked around and noticed that, although I watered my lawn regularly, it was a bit on the yellowish side. I set about to find a way to easily feed my grass and get it to turn more green.

I went to the local store and found Schult Lawn Food. I had previous tried other fertilizers without success. THis one was different though. Schult Lawn Food is a fertilizer that is spread with a spray bottle rather than being the granule type of fertilizer. I decided to give it a try.

I went home that afternoon, and when the time came for me to water me yard, I decided to use my new fertilizer. The box claims that it is as gentle as rainwater. I followed the package instructions, which were to empty one bag (there are four) of fertilizer into a fertilizer sprayer, turn on the water and water as normal using the sprayer.

The next day, I looked out into my back yard, and my grass was taller, noticably taller, and it felt a bit thicker, and looked a bit greener. According to the fertilzer package, it can be used every time you water the lawn, so I applied it again that day. The results were great. My grass grew rapidly and appeared healthier each time I applied the fertilizer.

Upon seeing positive results, I went back to the store and bought two more boxes. I did not apply it every time I watered my lawn, but I did make it a habit to apply it once a week. Even with that application regimine, my yard maintained a very healthy and green appearance.

Unlike the granule type fertilizer, with Schult Lawn Food, there is no worry about over fertilizing or burning the grass. The fertilizer is mixed to the correct proportion with the fertilizer sprayer that is used to apply it. It is potent enough to be very effective and deliver on its promises, yet mild enough to use everyday and not burn the grass.

I recommend this product for it ease of application and effectiveness of use. The price is reasonable too!