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Grill Cooks Good But...

Reviewing: Outdoor Gourmet Deluxe Charcoal Grill Cc17  |  Rating:
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When our old Charbroil grill gave up, we needed a quick replacement. We found an Outdoor Gourmet Deluxe Charcoal Grill and bought it because it had all the features we were looking for. For the price we paid, I would expect the quality would match the features.

Let me explain, the grill needed assembly, we came across the first issue when screws would not fit in designated holes. It was not that we had the wrong screws; it was that the holes were not drilled large enough to fit the bolt. This was an easy fix and we managed to get it together.

When we put the lid on we found the top and bottom did not join up as they should. Both pieces were bowed out and warped. This made the grill grates fit improperly and fall into the base piece. We had to squeeze the pieces back into shape using tie straps. Once we did this the grill surface fit just right.

Just as we were putting the charcoal rack into the grill one side of the lift hook snapped its weld. At this point, we were ready to take the whole thing back to the store. However, after recalling our other options, we exchanged the broken piece only. The store was very helpful, sympathetic, and accommodating.

We did the first burn to season the grill and the oil they used for seasoning emitted a horrible odor. It also left a miserable residue all over the inside surface of the grill. We figure the residue will burn away over time. The odor has not returned since the first burn.

The grill has some nice features. It has a corn/warmer rack. We really like this feature because we love to cook corn on the grill. However, the rack is poorly designed and it falls of the hooks. We had to squeeze the bracket clamps with grips to tighten them.

It has two roomy shelves, one in front and one on the side. The side shelf has S hooks for hanging and storing utensils. There is also a storage shelf below the grill for storing charcoal. However, the bottom shelf is rather flimsy and bends under too much weight.

The Outdoor Gourmet Deluxe Charcoal Grill came with a temperature gauge. These gauges are never the best and this one has proved to live up to this. It is not accurate and often hangs up because the needle sticks to the glass.

One common feature you find on smokers is a drain hole in the base. This grill has one. Oddly, the manufacturer did not supply a spout or can for drippings.

The grill surface is fantastic. It is divided into four sections, which is spectacular for adding/moving charcoal during cooking. They are also very heavy duty to stand up to high temperatures without warping or breaking. The grill-lifting tool supplied with it is very sturdy and works perfectly.

Since we bought this Outdoor Gourmet Deluxe Charcoal Grill, we have cooked everything from beef to pork. It distributes heat and smoke extremely well. The charcoal tray is height adjustable so you can get just the right amount of heat for your needs.

Even with all the issues we had in the beginning, we are pleased with the grill's cooking performance. We do not expect this grill will stand the test of time as our smoker has or even as other grills we had in the past. We are usually more careful with our grill purchases. When it is time to replace this grill, we will be looking for a more trusted brand from a local manufacturer.

Note: I did not rate heat or burners because this is a charcoal grill. Heat you control yourself and it does not have burners.