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Grip 'N Twist Door Knob Covers Not Toddler Proof

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Grip 'n Twist Door Knob Covers are not toddler proof like they are suppose to be.I recently bought these covers at our local target.I was suprised it was the only brand in stock and available at the moment.I wasnt sure how well they'd work but I bought them anyways.My daughter recently started opening doors and everytime I turned around was getting into things in other rooms.We've had the door knob covers on the door for less then a week and she figured out how to open the doors with the cover on.

What's worse is she was even able to get a cover off the door.They aren't super easy to put on.You have to connect the two pieces together and make sure they snap together tighly otherwise if you bump them they can fall off.I don't reccomend these door knob covers to anyone with an observant, determined, and do it yourself toddler. I actually returned the one pack I didn't open yet.The other ones are a decoration on the door knobs at the moment.Hopefully I'll be able to find a new product soon.Don't waste your time on these though.

Part of the flaw with these covers is havinga small hole on either side so you can grip the bare door knob and turn.The old design features a button that you had to press down and turn.It was harder to open even for adults but it worked.The new design just doesn't compare.