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Groundskeeper Ii A Versatile Rake That Wont Clog

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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tines and head of Groundskeeper II

Because of the innovative design of the tines on this yard rake, sticks and debris don’t get caught in it the way they do in other rakes.

This past week I was helping with cleanup for a tree service. Several dead trees had to be taken down, and when they fell, the tops shattered into thousands of twigs and branches because they were so brittle. This was all on someone’s lawn and had to be cleaned up really well. After all the branches of any size were dragged away, there was still a large amount of debris that had to be raked and taken away.

The tines of the Groundskeeper II are about eight inches long, made of a stiff wire. At the top of each tine are several wraps of the wire which forms a spring before the wire is threaded through slots on the bar. The wire is then bent in a U-shape and forms another spring and tine. So every two tines are formed of one piece of wire. This also means that the tines can be replaced if necessary.

The Groundskeeper II looks like it isn’t very sturdy, but that is not true at all. Even if the tines get bent out of alignment it doesn’t seem to make much difference. And even though the tines are wires, the rake is strong enough to rake up a heavy pile.

My experience with using it was very positive. I didn’t have to press down at the same time as I was pulling the rake toward me. The springs create the tension that is needed against the ground. Anyone who has tried to rake up a lot of sticks knows how badly they get caught in the tines of either a typical, triangular lawn rake or a garden rake with rigid tines arranged on a bar. However, with the “loose” arrangement of these tines, I didn’t have to keep picking the rake up and clearing the head by hand.

The size of the “head” allows you to gather a large pile of sticks and leaves. I did some research and discovered that the company makes several sizes for different sized jobs. They even make a small model for clearing around bedding plants. The Groundskeeper II has 28 tines on a 21" head. The bar is made of a strong plastic, and the handle is fiberglass (55 inches long). It has a hole in the end of the handle for hanging.

Although I didn’t have the opportunity to try this rake in varying circumstances, for moving small branches, twigs and leaves, it’s exceptional.

This is a United States product, made in Waukee, Iowa. One source had it for sale for $39.00.