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Grow Grow Review

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By whoahsweet on
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Grow is perhaps the best flash game I've ever played. Usually, with flash games, you get a cheap knockoff of a regular game. However, Grow is a great exception. It offers a very cute music and animations. The game is simple but you play it to see the animations and hear the cute music in the background. I guarantee you that you will spend much of your freetime just trying different combinations just to see all the different animations that are to be found.

Grow is simply a combination game. Much like opening a locker's combination, you have to try varying the order of actions to fully complete the game. The enjoyable part of this game is that no matter what the combination, you'll see a fun animation to go with it! Sometimes the game world will grow, while other times it will get destroyed depending on your actions.

All in all, Grow is about the best you can get from a flash game. The creator has since gone on to create other games which I'll be reviewing as well, but Grow is the classic "Growing-type" flash game. The link for grow is long and the exact url is: www.eyezmaze.com/grow/v3/index.html