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Grow New Hair Nioxin Hair System

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There are many hair care systems out there on the market and you just never know which ones really work. Spending a lot of money on something you aren't sure about isn't something you just can't take a chance on.

My mother-in-law lost a lot of hair from taking some medication and started using Nioxin 6 months ago. She now has lots of baby hairs growing in on the top of her head! This is a testimony in itself.

Nioxin comes in a set of 3 products, based on your hair type and condition - such as, if you color it or not. To read about all the products made by Nioxin, please go to their website. The locations to buy this product is not updated, however, I have found it at our local Wal-Mart, so you might be able to find it close to you.

My mother-in-law bought this 3 bottle set at a local hair salon for $40, including tax. She decided to buy some for my husband, as his hair is pretty thin and he's been concerned about losing hair so she said as long as he uses it, she'll buy it - done deal!

My husband immediately noticed a tobacco type scent but said it wasn't strong. Sure enough, it's one of the ingredients. You use a regular amount of the shampoo (cleanser) and conditioner (scalp therapy), then you put the scalp treatment on before you style your hair. You do need to use care with the scalp treatment because it can cause slight redness. His head was perfectly fine but he had rubbed his hand across his chest and he ended up with red wipe marks across his chest for several minutes.

My husband has only been using this for two weeks now and we can't tell a difference yet but know that if his mom's hair can start to grow then it should work for pretty much everyone. My husband also said that the scalp treatment made his head sweat but it made sense to me, considering the pores of the skin were opening up to allow the hair to come through.

It helps with eliminating flaky or dry scalp, itchiness, and even helps dry brittle hair become healthier.

The System 1 that my husband has, is for adding thickness and strength to the hair shafts, and is for thin, fine, normal or thin-looking hair. There are actually 8 Hair Care Systems offered. Many locations normally seem to carry only the System 1, so I would call around first. But it seems System 1 is the most popular and I know it works on my mother-in-law. I can't wait to report back on how it does on my husband's head.

Here's a link to a .pdf file that shows the ingredients of the System 1 products. You will need Adobe Reader to view this or a .pdf file reader. System 1 Ingredients

One thing I do know is that it truly does work. Just follow the instructions and that's it.

Here's a video too, from the founder of Nioxin - Eva Graham.