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Grow With English 1: Great For First Grader

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I used to teach children back then when in college and shortly after my graduation. English has been with me since I was a kid. When other children hadn't studied English yet (we hadn't got English subject in elementary school yet back then), my parents took me to a private English course when I was in the third grade, I think. So I know how fun it was learning English when I was a kid. Books available at that time were not so many as now, actually.

Recently I got a chance for teaching a kid. She is actually the daughter of my mother-in-law's housekeeper. My mother-in-law asked me to teach her English because she had poor marks on English on her last school report. She is a actually a fun animated first grader girl. But when it came to English, she would become very quiet and speechless. Well, anyway, I use this book, Grow with English 1 to teach her. It is the same book actually, that she uses in her class. This book contains 100 plus pages and this is just suitable for first grader. The topics are all in accordance with the syllabus for first grader. It includes introduction of spelling, objects around the living room and the garden, etc. There are small conversations to be role-played just to keep them talking in English. And to attract their attention, it comes with lovely pictures / images. Children at this age would likely to memorize things with visual aids, so I think this is so right of putting nice pictures here. She now likes to speak more in English because I always encourage her to talk in English, although by immitation first, of course. All in all, I think this book is really great for helping first grader in memorizing objects in English, and to encourage them in speaking English.