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Growee For Vertical Growth

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While our baby's previous multivitamins was for horizontal growth, Growee with Chlorella Growth Factor is supposed to be for her vertical growth. Aside from its essentials vitamins and minerals for baby's needs, Growee has the Chlorella Growth Factor or CGF which enables the body body to grow faster on the cellular level.

I have yet to see its effects on my baby but I am just glad that she is taking it because it tastes good, as compared to her first vitamins. It tastes good because the production of Growee uses the TasteRite technology "that significantly reduces the bad taste of vitamins", which the label says. And indeed this is true, because I also taste whatever I give to my baby. And if I myself don't like it, I can only imagine its effect on baby. But not so with Growee. Its flavor is a mixture of orange and grapefruit.

The dosage is a mere 1 ml from 7 months to 2 years old. It is recommended to be given to babies from 7 months onwards, but my pediatrician friend started her son at 4 months and he is fine.

My only problem with this brand is that its packaging is only in 15 ml bottles, so at 1ml per day, I have to replenish every 15 days. That is not very convenient, so I have to buy 2 bottles at a time. Additionally, I believe it will be cheaper if it comes in a bigger bottle.

Oh well, I guess we can't have everything, can we?

Update On Nov 25, 2009: Just an update that Growee really does work. After a month of taking Growee at 1ml per day, my 8-month old baby has grown by 4cm! She is now 70 cm long. And in the previous month when she was not taking Growee, she did not grow a single cm. Growee does work!