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Gruga Office Chairs Are Great!

Reviewing: Gruga (Sauder) Air Seat Manager's Chair  |  Rating:
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This spring our office got a few upgrades including a new chair: a Gruga Air Seat Manager's Chair. This was one of the best improvements.

The chair has a sturdy five-wheeled base. The wheels are plastic and glide smoothly over the floor.

The chair support is sturdy enough, but if you lift the whole shebang up the seat may pull out of the wheeled base. The two pieces are not secured or bolted. I don't know if this is standard in new office chairs. I just thought I would mention it.

Interestingly, this Air Seat has bounce to it. There is a spring mechanism hidden in the support. I really like this feature because as you sit the chair lowers to cushion pressure.

I like the built in lumbar padding and support. It really helps you maintain a good posture during long computing sessions.

The material is high quality. The fabric is Air Seat, so it is breathable and does not stick to you. This model has dual Air Seat materials for a nice look.

The chair is customizable. The armrests are padded for comfort and can be adjusted. The backrest can also be adjusted forward or back.

The chair height is easily adjusted with a handle below the seat. Be aware the first time you lower it because it may startle you when you go down.

Finally, you can spin 360 degrees. I know this feature is standard in office chairs. However, if you get the chair spinning and hit the height adjuster, you can really go for a ride. (Just kidding, do not try this)

I do not know how much this chair cost because it was a gift. However, whatever was paid was well worth it.