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Gta Iv Publisher: Take Two Review

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The infamous Grand theft Auto series finally makes it's way to the next generation platform with this cracking return to form. wee see our main protagonist Niko Bellic, arrive on the shores of liberty city eager to set up a new life, living with his rich, successful cousin Roman. Only, all is not what it seems.

your first few hours taking Niko around this living breathing city are spectacular, there's no doubt about it. you can almost feel the hustle and bustle of everyday life as you wander past businessmen, street venders, average joes and street bums each one with there own personality of sorts. the City even go's through a speeded up day and night cycle which see's the street life change with it to gangsters, prostitutes and more.

With almost unlimited freedom at hand, your free to go right in and try your hand at the games main story line, which will see you associate yourself with many of Liberty Citys Unfavorables, trying to make yourself that bit of cash, just to get by. It's here you'll find yourself doing menial tasks like being a taxi driver to extreme ones like Clearing out Gang safe houses. This should keep you comfortably occupied for the best part of 12 hours and we have have yet to even touch on the numerous side missions, random encounter missions, flying rat hunting, illegal street racing and more. Liberty City may be much more toned down in terms of size and content from it's PS2 predecessor San Andreas but it more than makes up with this for it's graphics, it's style and it's no-nonsense approach.

There is also a vast Multiplayer side to this game also which could have easily been shipped as a stand alone game. We have 16 game modes to play from, including your standard death matches, races and zone capture modes to completely new multiplayer games like cops n crooks, bomb da base II and mafyi work. Well, i said standard but in GTA IV these modes are far from Standard. Use anything possible in deathmatch to maul your opponents, from your standard weapons and fists or chase after them and ram them off of the side of a bridge after chasing them in speeding cars over half the map. the choice really is your here. The only downside to this, is there is no Multiplayer lobby so you see yourself being returned to the single player mode whenever you would like to change game modes.

The game is also chalk full of neat little extras and loaded with comedy. listen to the phone in radio stations for some politically incorrect kicks for example, or head back to your crib and relax for an hour or two watching Liberty City TV!All in all, i can't recommend this game more. you'll get drawn quickly into the world of Niko Bellic, take shine to his new friends and think long and hard when impossible decisions come your way. It's an experience not to be missed.