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Gta Iv Xbox 360 Review

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maxi By maxi on
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Grand Theft Auto IV is one of the most eagerly anticipated games of the year. I, myself, got involved with all this hysteria and purchased a copy of the game. At £39.99 i believed i had got a fair price for this greatly reviewed game. I unwrapped the game in a mad fit of excitement and put it right into my Xbox 360.

This 3rd person shooter is one of the best games i have ever played on, being a teenager and a video game addict i have played on many games. Like all the previous GTA games the free-roam capabilities is stunning, the missions are optional which leaves you too roam around the extremely detailed city. Unlike GTA:SA, a game most of you are probably familiar with, the map size has been reduced to around a third of the size. Although, this is a positive feature of the game. Every inch of the city is filled with detail. As i have never been to New York i cannot compare the game to the real life city. It is said to be based upon New York and not just a copy of the famous city. However, from playing the game it feels like i have been there myself.

When you have finished driving your car around, and due to revamped car physics you get a much more realistic feel to the driving, although a harder and steeper learning curve than the other games. You may wish to fly around in a helicopter or surf the Liberty City waters, whichever you choose i can guarentee you will get the satisfaction you were wishing for when you bought the game. As the game title, Grand Theft Auto, you can see that cars are an all important aspect of the game. A new feature that has been added again adds to the realism. When Niko, your character, enters a car you first have to hot wire it. Long gone are the days when you can just hop in a car and drive off. I have also found that the faster and more expensive cars are harder to hotwire. An aspect that has got me into much trouble with the games authorities.

Futhermore, Rockstar games have revamped the shooting and targeting system to include an almost 'Gears of War' type duck and cover system. This system, although hard to get used to, provides us with a key aspect to the game. Especially as i believe police and higher authorities have got much stronger. I use the cover system at every possible moment and reduces the risk of you dying or losing health.

Overall, i believe that you should buy this game if you own a PS3 or an Xbox360 as it is an absolute peach of a game. The new features add to the success of Rockstar's newest GTA addition, especially at £39.99 you will get hours of fun out of this game.