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I own three, yes THREE, spiral-bound Walt Disney World Passporters. The latest being the 2007 edition.

I own them because, as they say, it is a unique travel guide, planner, organizer, journal and keepsake all in one neat, take it anywhere package.

Jennifer and Dave Marx, travel to Disney World several times a year to keep the information updated and fresh.

There is really so much to the guide that I would be hard pressed to tell you everything without being too tedious…so I will tell you about my favorite parts.

Pockets! Pockets! Pockets!

I absolutely love all of the pockets in the spiral-bound edition. Before I leave I print out any directions, receipts and reservation numbers that I need and stick them into the pockets. I also add any tickets, coupons, etc that I need… Then I add my tip envelopes and daily plans written on index cards into the pockets for the correct days so I can just take them out in the morning and be on my way.

When I get in at night I stuff any receipts, souvenir maps, ticket stubs and anything else I want to keep into that days pocket.

Restaurant Ratings and Information

Not only do they tell you what type of food the restaurant has, the approximate cost, location, hours of operation and phone number but they also tell you how noisy or quiet it generally is and about how long the wait to be seated will be.

Plus each restaurant is given a rating from 1 - 10 by Jennifer, Dave and average reader rating. Sometimes the ratings are very close, like Cape May Café has the ratings 7, 7 and 8. Other times the ratings are quite different like Yacht Club Gallery with ratings of 4, 5 and 8.

Ride and Attraction Ratings

The rides and attractions are rated very similar to how the restaurants are rated. Each one with a short write up, average wait times and 1 - 10 numerical ratings by Jennifer, Dave and the average reader.

Plus there is a kid rating at the top for young riders and tips for toddlers through teens scattered throughout.


Yes, they do have a ring bound edition, which many people like because pages and pockets can be taken out and returned at will. I prefer the spiral bound because I don’t want to forget any pockets… and I make a lot of notes and pack away a lot of stuff in the pockets that I want to keep. Then the next time I plan a trip to Disney World I can refer to my receipts, notations and whatnot all securely in my Passporter from my previous trip.

Other features include:

Full color pull out maps of the different parks (see photo above)

Approximate travel times from resorts to parks by foot, monorail, bus and/or boat.

Sample resort room rates

Resort room layouts/Resort layout

And just so much more!

You can also go to http://passporter.com/ to get frequent updates to your Passporter and chat with others on their message boards.

There really isn’t anything that I dislike about the Passporter. I feel that it always has the latest information about new editions and changes. I also feel that it is well written and very honestly written. While Jennifer and Dave obviously love Disney World they do not sugar coat things… nor are they overly negative regarding things that just aren’t their cup of tea.

I believe that the Disney World Passporter is made for every Disney World vacationer regardless of how familiar or unfamiliar they are of their vacation destination.