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Guild Wars: Prophecies

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By stresspill on
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In my hunt for the perfect time waster I've often looked into MMORPGs for several reasons. One, the gameplay in mmorpgs lead to at least an hour of gameplay as you grind away for that next level or epic item. Two, it's fun or should be fun to play with people you know or simply meeting new people. Three, I've been a an rpg fan for most my life and although I've yet to really fall in love wit an MMORPG like I have wit some JRPGs I'm suprisingly optimistic that it'll happen one day.

From the character design, to the low emphasis on leveling(level 20 is where it maxes out) Guild Wars looked like the game for me. Guild Wars could have been one of the best pc games ever if they could have done just one thing, and that's get rid of the instanced gameplay. I can't feel like I'm a part of this huge world along with thousands of other players if every time I head out a town and into an area where the core of the gameplay rests if the only people I see are in my party. For those who don't know, in order to do missions with other people you need to team up before heading out into the field or else you'll be playing by yourself and won't see a soul. It's an extremely boring thing to do, and pretty unfortunate seeing how guild wars quests are easily some of the best I've seen in MMORPGS.