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Guitar Hero

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New this time I never see the games that really match your love of music. Guitar Hero, for you may be fans or the PC game or ps2 game know this.

You will be made after a long time to play this game, especially if the music or the musicians you have favored in this game. A simple game but it does not fascinate you want to make a go of your ps2.

If you are a beginner, you can try level easy, if not, you are taught directly in the game this way into the training. If you are already advanced, please continue to the next level. There are four levels, namely: easy, medium hard and expert, where the level of expert you need quickly and accurately to press the button on the jostick that play songs that you did not fail. so essentially you are trained to become as a professional guitarist for a concert. Often try to practice so you can play expert level.

Many people love this game, especially with children or adults who have only to hear a song from their favorite musicians. If you are interested and want to try to feel like a guitar player in action on the stage, there is no one you try this game.

It seems that is the only experience I play Guitar Hero ps2 games, if there is a mistake or have the word unclear pardoned please, thank you.