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Guitar Hero 2 A New Breed Of Rockstars

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By Steven Kruyne on
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Guitar Hero 2 originally came out for the Playstation 2, but was later ported over to the 360. Having played both, I can easily say the 360 one is a huge improvement over the PS2 one. The music type genre is rising, and Guitar Hero 2 is leading the movement. The controller is shaped like a guitar and has 5 buttons on the fret board. On screen, circles representing the frets move down and the player has to press the fret button and strum in unison to the music. With techniques like hammer ons and pull offs, some of the movements represent a real guitar. Most of the music is cover but a few of them are master copies of the actual song. Because of the 360's online marketplace, the player can actually download new song packs at a low price. This keeps new songs coming out and replayability at a high level. This can only last so long, and after beating the game on expert, there is not much to do but to get all the achievements.