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Guitar Hero 3

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Are you ready to ROCK! Because Guitar Hero is back and ready to give your fret fingers a whoopin'. Guitar Hero 3 is the first game in the series by Activision the previous ones where by harmonix. Does it live up to its predecessors?

First any music game depends completely on its soundtrack and for the most part its great. You've got Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, Smashing Pumpkins, Kiss, Metallica, Guns N' Roses and a lot more, oh and they're all master recordings. So for the most part you wont be disappointed with the main songs, the bonus songs on the other hand suck, and suck hard, there's maybe 3 good ones out of around 30. So outof 70 tracks only about 50 are any good but those 50 are the best.

The actual gameplay is changed drastically, each note has a larger hit box making it easier to hit each one. But you can't miss as many notes before you fail which on the last two tiers on hard/expert makes the difficulty ridiculously hard. I know many people consider themselves expert and the first six tiers will be easy for you, the last two is where the difficulty jumps to god-like levels. You will fail on Through the Fire and Flames its the hardest song in any guitar hero game ever easily.

The giant jump in difficulty is not only GH3 strongest aspect its also its weakness. GH used to be a party game where you could invite over friends and feel like a rock star. In GH3 those friends will fail constantly and you wont get that rock star feeling unless your already an expert. If your wondering whether or not to buy this, it depends on whether your an expert on GH already or not. If your just starting out dont buy it, If your already an expert and need more GH go out and get it now