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Guitar Hero 3 For Pc Or Mac!

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bosoxy By bosoxy on
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Me, play Guitar Hero?

You betcha!

Ever since the first time I saw Guitar Hero, I was interested in trying it out. I would have purchased one for my son for the Wii, but he just was not that interested in it... so I just kind of forgot about it.. Then one day when I was bored I happened upon Guitar Hero 3 for the PC or Mac! I was shocked!

I then started pricing it online and when I spotted one at J&R for only $55 I wanted it! I tossed it around for a couple of days in my head, just long enough to miss the free shipping promotion, and purchased it.

Let me tell you, this game ROCKS!

Thankfully, for you, I am not including a video review... Seat belts on chairs would be needed!

I have played enough to be able to know what I am supposed to do.. and if I get in a rhythm I can get my fingers moving on that plastic guitar to match the colored keypads on the guitar. Do not ask me to concentrate on finger placement and strumming as well as tilting the guitar and expect me to whammy too... The whammy is one thing too much for me to handle at this point!

For those not familiar with Guitar Hero 3, this is the game where you play the guitar as a member of the band. This is the Lengends of Rock version with over 70 tracks of music... Good music! ... from rock legends.

The guitar is the plastic X-treme guitar that also comes with the X-box version. There are 5 plastic buttons on the neck of the guitar where the strings would be. - for those curious, I am only on the easy track working on 3 strings so far. Give me time! There is also a strum toggle that needs to be wiggled up and down when the right button is pressed to play the note in the song... These notes do come up pretty darn fast sometimes!

Then there is a sensor in the guitar so that when tilted up after hitting all of the power notes in a row everything turns blue... I am not entirely sure of the full significance of this yet, but I know it is good!

Then there is the whammy. I am pretty sure that the whammy gives me more points when everything is blue... but once I go for the whammy I lose everything else and what once somewhat resembled music that I was playing turns ugly really fast... Thankfully no one was watching!

Anyway! This is really really really fun! and I hear that they are coming out with an Aerosmith version and hope that they also make it available to PC and Mac, so that in 5 years or so when I am ready to learn a new song... haha!

Seriously lots of fun! Can you just imagine pulling this out at a family gathering and getting aunt Sophie and grandpa Frankie to jam on?