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Guitar Hero 3: Legends Of Rock

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By seraph on
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Finally, a new Guitar Hero game graces the consoles. As a side note, this is not actually the third game in the series. The third was Rocks the 80’s, making this the fourth title.

The song list in this installment is more varied than the other games, and features more songs than any of the others. Play The Metal by Tenacious D, or Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones, just to name two of the more enjoyable songs. Plus, it now features a Co-op mode if you feel like playing along with a friend. Battle Mode is for when you and that friend have a disagreement.

There are a few noticeable changes in the game, however. Several of the fan favorite characters from the older games were removed, such as Pandora and Clive. Also, the star power sections are incredibly difficult in this version. If you can somehow manage to get an entire section complete, you probably have enough skill to complete the entire song. Also...the final tier of songs is insanely tough. Did I mention tough? Did I mention insane? There are no words for how difficult they are. Trust me.

All in all, it's definitely a good game for the series...but my god the difficulty will sometimes leave you screaming, wondering why God allowed a game to be that hard. Buy it, but make sure to have your favorite comfort food nearby.