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Guitar Hero 3 Xbox 360

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By Christopher Harty on
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Guitar Hero III is the third installment of RedOctane's popular Guitar Hero series. Unlike Guitar Hero I & II, GH3 was not created by Harmonix. Instead, RedOctane and Activision have tried to fill their shoes and (maybe it's because my expectations were low seeing as how a new developer was taking over), I was quite impressed. Although not an incredibly difficult formula to re-create, they did an excellent job in keeping Guitar Hero III a true successor to I & II. This is the game's biggest strength and it's biggest weakness. Old-School players who remember the very first Guitar Hero on the PS2 (such as myself) will recall how amazing it was when you first opened it up and began to play. People who bought Guitar Hero II remember how cool all the new features like Hammer ons and Pull offs were. For Guitar Hero III, the new developers seemed to be afraid of messing with anything, so the game plays almost exactly like II with new songs, which is pretty dissapointing. Also, the song track seems to be the weaker in this game than it was in Guitar Hero II. I mean, the Killers? Apparently even a game about a Rock Musician can sell out. The game comes bundled with the Guitar controller, which is why it's so expensive. It is absolutely worth the extra money though, as it is one of the more entertaining games on the market today.

Still, it is a new Guitar Hero, and I'll forgive them this time for not shaking things up. The game is still as addictive and fun as the last two. However, if by GH4 we get the same thing, you can be sure there are going to be quite a few people pretty pissed off.