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Guitar Hero Iii Bundle 360

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By theaceofsp4des on
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Guitar Hero III, where to begin? Let me start by saying that this game is an absolute addiction! I had never played a Guitar Hero (hereinafter "GH") game before, and after I went out and bought this, I had no regrets.

From the get go, not many songs are unlocked. By playing through a Career mode, you can unlock new songs, buy new songs, and even unlock new characters, guitars, and more! Career mode is definitely a fun element that gives you the feeling thats your actually playinf for your own band, and only as you progress through the easier song will more songs be unlocked. You start out nice and easy, and as you unlock each different set of songs, they become increasingly more difficult and challenging. This is ther perfect way to help tone your skills and become more familiar with the game.

There are also other modes included, such as Quickplay, Co-op career, and Practice. Practice allows you to play any song that you have unlocked, at any difficulty, and at any speed. You can also choose what parts of any song you want to play, and this helps immensly when you're just stuck on one part. Quickplay allows you to just start off playing any song you would like on any difficulty. It doesn't count for any unlockables or new songs, its just there to get you into the action fast. The Co-op mode is very fun and can keep you and your friend occupied for hours. One of you will play the guitar, and one the bass (sometimes different for other songs).

The setlist in this game is also very impressive, featuring bands and songs from as early as the 80s, and as recent as 2007. Whether your a Rolling Stones fan, or a hardcore Metallica follower, you won't be dissapointed!

Lastly, and most importantly, the Les Paul wireless guitar. I am a big fan of this guitar, probably because of the new and improved strummer, the more classic shape, and the fact that it is wireless. You don't have to worry about and pesky cords, and can easily take it anywhere you go with the detachable neck. I would definitely recommend this over the X-plorer guitar featured in most GHII bundles and sold seperately elsewhere.

Bottom Line

If your a fan of music, and your a fan of video games, this is almost a must have. I guarantee you will not be dissapointed!

Pros: Co-op play; Xbox Live supported; downloadably songs; great setlist; fun career mode; quality guitar

Cons: only 2 players (as opposed to Rock Band's 4); Might be harder for inexperienced players