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Guitar Hero Iii Legends Of Rock 4 Wii

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Missy StGermain By Missy StGermain on
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At first I kind of didn't want it the price of it was up to almost 100 bucks by time new york sales tax rolled in. However I am glad I decided to bite the bullet and purchase it. First off the Guitar Controller is something new to me and yet what drew me to the game in the first place. Being a metalhead you know what we like hard rock. heavy metal etc. etc. I said to myself that this would be a good experience and a great game for me. So It has. There are lots of good songs from my youth and before that even on this game. In comparisson to me and from my past experiences. Guitar Hero reminds me in a a vague way of Simon the old 80s game where you had to follow a color pattern and keep up with it. Guitar hero is that only your using a Guitar shaped joystick/controller and keeping up to a color pattern to rock & Metal music. Its rated T for teen but however in my opinion a game like this is great for developing hand and eye coridination so its a good thing for both the mind and hands to play . Its very educational you learn bout older legenedary guitarists through this game as well. Its alotta fun so the 89.00 price tag will eventually pay for itself within the first year of this game and it will also work if you want the Aerosmith edition in the future you already have the guitar just get the game for that which is less. I like this overall and am having a great time playing it. I will take pictures and share them at a later date of this product for now this is the text review.

There are a lotta modes on this game too which make it fun and enjoyable and non boring. wi-fi challenge people that way. if you got two guitars which haha i didn't one was enough for me lol. IF you did have two remotes /guitar controllers you could do a muiltiplayer mode., Career mode and for us noobs who know not what we do. there is even a practice mode and a tutorial just for us. This is a good game my mom thought it would be kind of childish for a person my age i am 33 but to me. You are young as you feel and i feel young when i got this baby with me on the couch playing some cool rock songs and rocking out to them. The stickers they give you for the guitar are awesome. I like too is you can customize the guitar by ordering faceplates and stuff for it. this game is like the the rolls royce of video games and so worth it too .