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Guitar Hero Iii: Legends Of Rock Game Review

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reny By reny on
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If you've played one or more of the previous Guitar Hero games, and you're wondering just how great the latest sequel is. Or perhaps you've never played Guitar Hero, and you need to know if you can simply jump into the newest version without having played the first two. Either way, I can say it is definitely worth it to go straight to your local video game store and buy this game. Alternatively, you could go to a certain famous nationwide rental store and rent the game and the guitar. You won't regret it.

What makes Guitar Hero III both better for experienced heroes and new players? Different aspects, naturally, are what come into play here. Quality of songs and graphics, variety of game play, and improved extra features all make Guitar Hero III a superior game.

Guitar Hero III has a much more enjoyable set of songs than its predecessors. There are fewer dud tracks and the overall fun and quality associated with the songs you get to play in Guitar Hero III in comparison with previous versions are much higher. Some of the best songs include Even Flow by Pearl Jam, Holiday in Cambodia by the Dead Kennedy's, and Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden. There are outstanding selections from many genres of guitar, and I highly recommend you check out a full track list on any of the various sites that host detailed information on the game if you are still uncertain.

The graphics are a notable improvement from the previous versions of Guitar Hero. While the animated shorts between sets are in most cases a bit too short, the quality is very high. These humorous cartoons actually help set a storyline to the game, a step up from previous versions. Moreover, the graphics of your band that play while you are performing a song are much better. The singer¬Ęs mouth actually moves appropriately in sync with the lyrics, which is no small feat.

There are two new modes of play in Guitar Hero III: career co-op and battle. In career co-op, you and a friend play career mode together. During each song you each play a part (lead/rhythm or guitar/bass) and must pass the song together. In battle mode, you and a friend (or enemy) play a song but also can score special power ups that you can throw at your opponent to make it more difficult for him/her to pass the song. Battle mode can even be played online, something entirely new to the Guitar Hero series.

With more songs, better graphics, more unlockables, and just an overall improved theme, there is no doubt that Guitar Hero III is superior in every way to its predecessors. Whether you are considering purchasing the next version, or if this would be your first Guitar Hero purchase, I highly recommend you snatch this up the first chance you get.