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Guitar Port Review

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By lion2 on
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The Line 6 GuitarPort is the perfect companion for any budding guitarist. What is it exactly? It's a device that you connect to your computer and gives you 16 models of popular guitar amplifiers and cabinets right at your finger tips. That's not all. It also has 19 stomp box and studio effects. It's also a digital recording front end for any digital audio workstation. Buying all this equipment separately will easily run you several thousand dollars, but the GuitarPort is only $99.


After installing the provided software, you plug in the GuitarPort to a USB slot on your computer. You also need to unplug your computer speakers and plug in the provided audio cable from your computer's speaker port to the audio in port on the guitar port. Then connect your computer speakers to the audio out port on the GuitarPort. Finally plug in your guitar right into the GuitarPort.

Software and Usability

Once you have the device setup, you just fire up the Gearbox software to control the GuitarPort. When the software loads up, you will see a virtual representation of the amp model at the top. This representation will have appropriate knobs for Drive, Distortion, Treble, Bass, Middle and other features that amp is supposed to have. At any time you can switch between amplifiers and cabinets. Here is a list of amplifiers that the GuitarPort models:

Fender Deluxe Reverb

Fender BassmanVox AC-30 Marshall Super Lead JC-120 Marshal JCM-800 Soldano SLO-100 Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier Other Line 6 created amps

This is a great list of amps at your disposal that should make any guitarist happy. So not only can you have some incredible amp models to play around with, but there are some great stomp box effects included also. On the Gearbox software, you will see a row of stomp boxes right underneath the amp model section. Clicking on the specific type of stomp box will bring up a more specific stomp box menu underneath. Here are some of the effects and stomp boxes being modeled.

Fuzz Face

Big Muff Pie Tube Screamer ProCo Rat Compressor Chorus Flanger MXR Phase 90 Uni-Vibe Tremolo Rotary Drum and Horn Analog Delay Modulation Echo Reverb Wah Noise Gate

Again, this is a great list of effects for such a little piece of hardware. Even with the amps, cabs and stomp boxes, the GuitarPort doesn't stop giving you useful features. With GearBox you also get a digital tuner, a customizable metronome, a graphic equalizer, audio software that can slow down the playback of music and more. With the metronome, you can order different percussion sounds to create your own beats. If you ever want to evaluate your guitar playing, you can digitally record your performance using your favorite audio recording software.

Sound Quality

It's great to have all these features, but features do not mean anything if the device sounds like a toy. Fortunately the GuitarPort sounds great! Don't take my word for it. Go to this link http://line6.com/guitarport/sounds02.html to preview just what you can expect out of the GuitarPort.


The GuitarPort has many uses for beginning and expert guitarists. You can use it to practice quietly by connecting headphones to it. It can be a travel companion if you don't feel like lugging around an amplifier. It can be a great way to experiment with different effects and amplifiers. The possibilities are endless.

The GuitarPort is a great tool for any guitarist. With all these features its hard not to recommend it.