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Gum Eez Thru Flossers

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OK-We all know we should do it, but it's such a pain in the rump to floss! Fortunately, the companies that make dental products know that we like things that make life easier. GUM makes the BEST kind of flossing device I've come across so far. I've tried other flossers/picks before and had them shred, break, and bend. Others are more uncomfortable with sharp points on them that poke you and the device itself is hard to use. GUM's Eez-Thru's are just as the name states-it eases through the space between your teeth. No sharp points to stick you in the mouth (ouch!), the floss itself does not shred or break (I've been using them for about a year now and never had one break or shred), and the design of the actual pick part makes it easy to use. They even come in a mint flavor, making it more appealing to use and giving you fresher breath in the process.

The package contains 100 flossers, so it's a bit expensive for just floss, but if these will make the job easier and make you and your family actually do it, they are well worth it for the health benefits. I've personally noticed that my gums don't ever bleed at all after use anymore (at first they will a little if you don't floss regularly), meaning that your gums are healthier. Healthy gums=healthy body, too-gum disease is actually a precursor to other diseases in the body, including heart disease, believe it or not! These are very well worth the expense and I highly recommend them.