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Gum Oral Care Cleaning Kit 832

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The Oral Care Cleaning Kit 832 by Gum is a marvelous set of tools! It comes with two picks, what Gum calls an explorer and a scaler. It also has a mirror to help you see behind your teeth.

This oral care kit is more effective than what my orthodontist gave me. Several years ago I had the works done on my teeth. I had braces and maxillofacial surgery performed on my lower jaw. The orthodontist gave me a special pick to use after brushing to maintain his masterpiece, my perfect teeth. The pick disappeared and has been replaced several times over the years by various oral care brands.

I came across the Gum Oral Care Cleaning Kit by chance and this will be my brand of choice from now on. The explorer pick has a much finer point than any other I've used. It really gets into the little nooks and crannies to get the job done.

The scaler pick is new to me. It's a flattened version of a pick. You use it to remove tarter and plaque by gently scraping on your enamel. It works, because I'm getting stuff off my teeth I've never noticed before with any other tool.

The mirror that came with the picks is anti-fog and, get this, it has a high intensity light! The mirror really doesn't fog up. The light is the best invention I have ever seen. It's a super bright LED light that reflects off the mirror and lights up your whole mouth. My husband saw it and wanted to take it to work to help him see in tiny, dark, and hard to see places.

I recommend you speak with your dentist before you start picking around your teeth. My doctor taught me what to do. If you get permission, I think this Oral Care Cleaning Kit 832 by Gum is perfect and gets to the meat of the subject.